The only Kickboxing/Boxing in Burbank, North Hollywood, Studio City or Sherman oaks with 20 heavy bags so that you can each work on your own bag.

Muay Thai

Best way to learn technique involving entire body movements, hip rotations with kicks, punches, elbows and blocks — the "Art of Eight Limbs.” While not short in intensity, this class caters to all fitness levels.



Train like a boxer whether just for fitness or hopes to get into the ring! With 3-minute rounds of intense aerobic and anaerobic activity, participants are sure to feel the burn. This workout emphasizes speed, power, endurance, and core strengthening to have you ready for the big fight!



Push your physical limits in kickboxing. Our classes are far more intense than aerobics classes found in a commercial gym. You learn techniques utilizing heavy punching bags. You will improve strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, coordination and balance, It is why I love kickboxing!


Kickboxing After Dark

A concept that elevates cardio fitness into the extremes —non-stop kickboxing combinations interlaced with bodyweight exercises in the dark, lit only by neon lights synched to club music. No cover-charge!


weight Training

A full body workout that targets all of the major muscles groups. You'll integrate different exercises focusing on your core and teaching you the basics for you to undertsand and use weight lifting equipment.



Students wear protective gear which enables them to work with other students without the fear of injury. Practice combination one-on-one using the moves they have been taught in class. Sparring class is held in a non-competitive, learning atmosphere.


A regular yoga practice will help transform both your mind and body, enhance your balance and stability, and leave you feeling stronger and more centered.


A interval class using, weights, body weight exercises with cardio and strength training. These classes push students harder than they'd push themselves. Be prepared for some high intensity training!


A interval class using kickboxing combinations and body weight exercises for cardio and strength training. These classes will push your bondaries.

Class Packages:

$150 - 10 Classes ( $15 per class )

$17.50 - 1 Class



$150 one month unlimited

6 Month Unlimited ($110 per month)

$125 month to month unlimited membership
(must sign up for recuring payments in person, $25 signup fee)

FAMILY DISCOUNT: Family/Friend add-on (2-$230, 3-$315, 4-$380)