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Basics Tutorials/Workouts

Jab, Cross - Punches 1 & 2

Basic workout to learn the straight punches and numbering sytem.

Lead & Rear Hook - 3 & 4

Basic workout to learn the hooks and numbering sytem.

Lead & Rear Uppercut - 5 & 6

Basic workout to learn the uppercuts and numbering sytem.

Easy Follow Hand Wrapping

Learn how to wrap your hands with a easy to follow video.

You are going to learn how to wrap hands with this straightforward technique to wrap your hands and get ready


Our trainers are invested in your success — they’ll provide the safety, knowledge and encouragement you need to meet your goals.

The Studio

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What we are all about

All About Kickboxing is a friendly gym to help introduce everyone to fitness. If you don’t know where to start, how to punch, kick, how to use free weights or even your own body weight, you will learn and pickup everything you need from here. You will not be thrown into the lion’s den and have to fight to survive. You will be guided all the way. We are a community gym where everyone knows each other. We are a place where you can learn a martial art and make a friend.

Fight Night March 2018